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"I help CEO, Entrepreneurs & Businessman get back their life energy and show them how to live a healthy balanced life"

Get proven processes, reprogram your brain for desired successful healthy behavior.


To wake up in the morning being fit and full of life energy


Hello! I am Danny Compier!

I want to prevent you from making the same mistake as 90% of all people do who have experienced burnout.
By not rigorously breaking through their life pattern so that they go straight for their next burnout. Immediately discover the steps that ensure that you initiate a stable way of living.

The number 1 and only

The number 1 and only The most important step you must take first right now.

shift your mind

A unique way to discover your life patterns, shift your mind from there and change life

Proven process

Proven process of how to reset your mind over and over again and live your life instead of just letting it pass by.

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this is the first week of the program...

To Balanced Life.

This is the first week of the program where you go from compelling burnout to a balanced life.

Here you can see for yourself for seven days free if this program is for you


Nienke from Amsterdam

"After I had recovered from my burnout I never had the energy and 100% fitness that I used to have. Until I discovered the Reset Your Mind Coaching Program"

Brad, Liverpool

"What I learned from Danny during my coaching session is that we as human beings have the choice to return back inside, back to our inner self. Here is all the tools for any challenge."

Jennifer from Houston

‘’ Reset Your Mind mainly taught me to take some rest from time to time To think if this is what I want or if I have let my mind wander and let myself suffer. Control my thoughts forever! , Thank you!”

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