What is the difference between being overstrained and having burnout complaints?

What is the difference between being overstrained and having burnout complaints?

I get this question almost every week, that’s why this blog. 

How does tension and burnout complaints occur?

As you probably know, this has to do with constant stress.

First of all, it is good to know that every person needs stress to deliver performance, for example. But if the stress lasts too long you can end up from too much stress in an overstrained situation.

If nothing is done about this overstrain and this also takes too long, you will get burnout complaints. The important question is, of course, how do you recognize the difference between the two and when do you get to the danger zone?

In the case of overstrain, you must think about worrying, your performance will be reduced, stress complaints. If you think about psychological symptoms, these are mainly concentration problems, forgetfulness, and irritable. Physical symptoms that occur in the event of overstraining include headache, back, neck and shoulder complaints.

Most of the time are stomach complaints also included. You are also a bit more tired however this is not as bad as with burnout complaints.

With burnout complaints, we are mainly talking about mental and physical exhaustion. You can no longer get out of bed and you are more susceptible to diseases and inflammations. You have the feeling you no longer matters, feelings of failure and depressive symptoms. 

You will first have to discharge emotionally, build up physically and learn to deal with positive psychology mentally. You also have to work on meaning in order to learn to make the right important choices in the future.


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