In order not to fall back into a burnout in the future, we must first investigate the patterns in our lives that led us to this.

The assignment we have is do not keep coming back at the same point from your burnout complaints. To achieve what you want in life , you rigorously say goodbye to certain habits and behaviours that limit you on  the way to the life you want and deserve. You have to change your pattern.

You are thinking a lot when you having a burnout, worrying a lot, you are busy a lot with your past or future, you are judging, defending, attacking, but above of all you are looking for solutions outside yourself.. You have resistance to everything that just is. Big change your ego is speaking here to you.

The ego is focused on survival and has little interest in connection with the self. The underlying thought of your ego is usually fear. Feeling fear is good. Ask yourself what your fear is about to say to you. But keep in mind you are the driver, put fear in the back seat and respond wisely from your heart. What is the pattern that you have followed that led you to your burnout? Research it well and look as soon as you know this exactly to the future and ask yourself good questions. Ask yourself good questions instead of blaming guilty for your burnout. It is a sign of self-pity. Who am I?, What do I really want?, What do I expect out of life? Go back to yourself, your instinct, your heart you have ignored for too long on the way to your burnout. You, your heart never lies to you. It is time to return close to yourself and rigorously change the pattern that brought you to destroy yourself. 

How you can get closer to your soul?

The magic word is silence. By staying silent, and giving your body and mind peace in a quit, tranquil area, you’ll get to the core. By simple be there, and neither think, nor do anything.

Do this at least twice a day for half an hour.

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