Are you to blame for your burnout or burnout complaints?

Are you to blame for your burnout or burnout complaints?

The strange thing afterward is that in the beginning, I felt guilty that I could no longer, handle it’’ Because of this I found myself not really strong. however, I learned that things were different.

It is of course not your fault that this happens. You have done what you thought was good for you or what you thought was good for others who (seem) depend on you. But now it appears that you have fallen over for a while and you gradually come to realize that you are ultimately primarily responsible for your own life. If you do not adhere to it then that leads to a situation of burnout. So now you can’t take care of someone else, simply because you didn’t take care of yourself.


Two choices

In my opinion, there are two choices. Either after a while, you take it easy again with the life that you have led all this time or you rigorously change your patterns that have led to where you are now. Burn-out. In the latter case, we look at which patterns actually no longer suits you, and which initially led to the burnout. 

This is called self-examination in which you learn to look at yourself openly and honestly. And no matter how difficult and unlikely certain aspects may seem to change, you are going to dig it out for yourself. 

Things like everybody can do it so can I or I am a loser cause I can’t are exactly the things you should not tell yourself. This has led to your burnout complaints.

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